Winter Post, Summer Wedding- Adam & Rebecca

Here is the other wedding from last summer that I completely slacked on putting on the blog.  Adam and Rebecca had a beautiful wedding in Marietta with their reception at the Roswell Mill (one of my favorite venues!).  The happened to be on the hottest weekend of the year, but fortunately they planned their wedding indoors.  It was quite a challenge getting any photos outside due to the 100 degree+ heat (as you'll see in one of the photos below).  I made sure to only run outside for a few shots at a time as there is nothing worse than a hot and sweaty wedding party.  A hot and sweaty wedding photographer is a different story... I wore all linen to try and beat the heat but by the time I got to the reception even my pant legs were soaked.  A/C was my good friend that night.  :)

Hudson Bassett!

My sister's son, Hudson, just recently reached his 3-month milestone and I had the privilege of photographing him at Mom and Dad's house a few weeks ago.  He has so much personality and is just full of smiles.  I can't wait until he starts walking and talking.  :)



(Gun show)


He LOVED laying in the grass.  At first, he would curl up and close his eyes, unsure of what what poking him.

Then a few moments later he'd open his eyes with a big smile on his face.

Double-Header + 2 Portrait Session Weekend Teaser!

My friends generally know that I often have busy weekends.  However, this weekend was my first wedding double-header in a while- one Friday and one Saturday.  On top of that I had a maternity/family session on Sunday and a 3-month baby session on Monday.  Needless to say I was a bit nervous about it all week.  My main fear, oddly enough, was that I throw my back out at the Friday wedding and was unable to shoot the Saturday wedding.  That obviously didn't happen, but I did find out for sure that I have begun getting tennis elbow from lifting about 15 pounds of camera, batteries, battery grip, flash, and wireless flash trigger over 1,000 times each day with poor form by my right arm.  Both nights I actually had to ice my elbow!  I'm getting old!

Both weddings went great.  If you were outside at all this weekend you know the weather was some of the best Atlanta has to offer.  Blue skies, warm days, cool evenings- just about everything you could ask for in a wedding- both of which were outdoors!  I'll give more dedicated posts on both weddings once I get through editing the photos, but I will say I had a ton of fun all weekend.  Rachel and Andy had such a fun group of guests and bridal party at Park Tavern that I ended up spending most of my time on the dance floor!


Here are a few photos from Rachel and Andy's wedding:



Lindsey and Mario had a beautiful wedding at Donaldson Bannister Farm in Dunwoody- actually the very first one that the venue has seen!  I initially thought they "just" planned the wedding (note: the word "just" is in quotations), but after the ceremony Mario told me the ceremony site- a beautiful grassy garden area on the property- was a swimming pool just about a month ago!  He laid all of the sod and did the landscaping himself!  Here are a few from their wedding:



Now here are a couple from the Sullivan family shoot followed by two from my sister's 3-month old- Hudson.  I know I know- I'm an incredibly efficient blogger!  I say that jokingly- more on these 4 events to come!


Jessica and Jeff | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Jessica and Jeff's wedding was one of the most fun weddings I've been to, including many that I attend as a guest.  The two of them did a superb job of a true DIY wedding.  Take a look at the photos and see at how they turned a grassy field into a beautiful ceremony and an open part-time photography studio  into a warm party palace.  The incredible food was provided by the tastiest food truck I've ever met met- Ibiza Bites (see marshmallow fluff covered sweet potato fires below!).  There was beauty at every turn, be it the weather, the preparations, or simply the bride and groom.  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to shoot.  Even after the bridal getaway, the DJ  (Andrew Wroblewski, featured below) spun tunes while the bridesmaids packed up the decorations and leftover beer.  I can't say I didn't end up with decorations and beer in my hatchback at the end of the night.  ;)


Holiday and Greeting Cards

Just a fun little reminder that when you have a portrait session with Alex the Photo Guy, you get a nifty online gallery of your photos to share with family and friends.  Along with that gallery you get access to all kinds of exciting gifts, prints, canvas prints, and cards.  The cards are super easy to make online with hundreds of customizable templates.  Here are a few from recent portrait sessions. 

Click on the cards for a larger view.







Happy Holidays from Alex the Photo Guy!


Celina & Jesse - Married!

A good friend of mine from college was in town a few months ago.  We went out to dinner with his sister and I heard about how she was planning a wedding in Marietta.  The way I understood the story, her and her husband were recently married but due to his deployment in the middle-east, they were unable to have a true ceremony at the time.  Times are tough when your hubby is committed to his country.  To make matters worse, two days after our dinner she lost her job at Skirt Magazine.  So, needless to say they were on a budget.  And what better budget photographer than Alex the Photo Guy!  .....actually there are probably plenty of others, but I was delighted to be the chosen one.  ;) Despite the rain pushing the ceremony and photos inside the Whitlock Inn, we had a great time.  Celina was such a beautiful bride and the couple had a wonderful time at their wedding.   Plus- Celina found a great new job!  At of all places!  I think Celina and Alex the Photo Guy are going to become great friends.  :)

The beautiful bride (my favorite photo of the day): celina1

The Don (Jesse) and his mafia:

A small scuffle broke out beforehand, but a beer bottle quickly ended it:

Hands down the coolest groom's cake I've ever seen.  Apparently this is what Jesse did in the military (click for more detail):

The groom and his best man (his brother):

Of course I had to put the older brother here checking on his sister:

The Bride and Groom table.  Despite people making plates of food for them, they never sat to eat.

The beautiful bridesmaids:

A tired couple off to their honeymoon in a fine Rolls Royce: