'Lil Mac 6 Months

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to take 6 month photos of Mac Brown.  Aside from his pretty awesome name (I always think of Mike Tyson's Punch Out when I hear "'lil Mac"), he also happens to be a pretty darn cute baby.  I'd say he did a great job being a model while on a cold floor in front of a big flashing light.  Maybe next time I'll bring an electric blanket to put underneath the white seamless paper.  Photographing babies is always a learning process for me.  :)

And for those interested in the white backdrop setup, here it is- though you can't see the big studio light & softbox off the camera left.  Sorry Kacie for including you- I just had to show that "about to freak out" face of Mac's.  :)



The Lewis Family

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Lewis family in Piedmont Park.  Boyd works with me at my contract job in real estate and- of all places- his lovely wife, Lynn, works for a rival real estate company.  I didn't see any tension in the family, especially with the calm, cool, and collected Anderson.  I love it when energetic moms bring fun props for photos- especially when we're facing a rainy/cloudy day.  The weather held up just long enough for us to get about an hour of shooting in.  Enjoy!



And now... Anderson the raccoon, hanging out by a trash can (as raccoons do):

Holiday and Greeting Cards

Just a fun little reminder that when you have a portrait session with Alex the Photo Guy, you get a nifty online gallery of your photos to share with family and friends.  Along with that gallery you get access to all kinds of exciting gifts, prints, canvas prints, and cards.  The cards are super easy to make online with hundreds of customizable templates.  Here are a few from recent portrait sessions. 

Click on the cards for a larger view.







Happy Holidays from Alex the Photo Guy!


The Giles Family | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

I can say the Giles family is one of my favorite repeat customers thus far.  Granted, most of my shoots are weddings and it would be terrible to say I have favorite repeat customers there... though I really toyed with the idea of a company motto that read, "If you aren't happy with your photos, you're next wedding is free!"  Most people probably wouldn't get the humor as a lot can be lost in translation on the interwebs. These photos were taken at Thrasher Park in downtown Norcross.  It was a great spot... actually a little too great as the place was PACKED with familes and kids running around everywhere.  In fact, I think there were 3 other professional photographers there doing the same thing I was. 

And finally, the "why is this guy following me around???" look.