Celina & Jesse - Married!

A good friend of mine from college was in town a few months ago.  We went out to dinner with his sister and I heard about how she was planning a wedding in Marietta.  The way I understood the story, her and her husband were recently married but due to his deployment in the middle-east, they were unable to have a true ceremony at the time.  Times are tough when your hubby is committed to his country.  To make matters worse, two days after our dinner she lost her job at Skirt Magazine.  So, needless to say they were on a budget.  And what better budget photographer than Alex the Photo Guy!  .....actually there are probably plenty of others, but I was delighted to be the chosen one.  ;) Despite the rain pushing the ceremony and photos inside the Whitlock Inn, we had a great time.  Celina was such a beautiful bride and the couple had a wonderful time at their wedding.   Plus- Celina found a great new job!  At www.getmarried.com of all places!  I think Celina and Alex the Photo Guy are going to become great friends.  :)

The beautiful bride (my favorite photo of the day): celina1

The Don (Jesse) and his mafia:

A small scuffle broke out beforehand, but a beer bottle quickly ended it:

Hands down the coolest groom's cake I've ever seen.  Apparently this is what Jesse did in the military (click for more detail):

The groom and his best man (his brother):

Of course I had to put the older brother here checking on his sister:

The Bride and Groom table.  Despite people making plates of food for them, they never sat to eat.

The beautiful bridesmaids:

A tired couple off to their honeymoon in a fine Rolls Royce: