A few months back I was reading the Decatur Metro blog and came across the annual Decatur-based Skateraid event.  Skateraid is an outdoor parking lot event with bands, food, and skateboarding to benefit families going through pediatric cancer of a loved one.  It's an amazing event and I knew I wanted to be involved.  I love band photography and sport photography, so I figured this would be a great fit and a great way to help out for a cause.   We had such a great time and I know they raised a good amount of money this year to help families in need. If you have any interest in learning more or how you can help, click here.  Also, 50% of all proceeds from print sales of the event will go to Skateraid.  Here are some of my favs of the event!




Mayor Bill Floyd also came by to say hello!


Here are some of the special guests of the day- familes currently going through pediatric cancer.


Boards decorated by local artists for a charity auction.




New Alex The Photo Guy site is LIVE!

I've owned the domain since college.  Three years ago I re-upped it's registration and I contracted my good friend Greg Vilines at Webnormous to begin work on the site.   Then a combination of producing an album, playing in a band, get married, and having his house burn down slowed Greg's progress on the site a bit.  A combination of helping with the album, buying a house, running a photo business, general laziness, and getting engaged slowed me down too.  I know my excuses aren't as valid as a house fire, but regardless of the timing, it is finally LIVE! Greg built the whole thing from scratch and he did a damn good job on it.  I know I was a difficult client at times but in the end we got it all worked out.  There will be a few tweaks made in the coming months, but since it's 99% done, we figured why not launch it?  This will be a soft opening for my six blog readers and facebook friends until I get it 100% finished.

Keep in mind the new site isn't going to be a replacement for the blog- just think of it as a "best of Alex the Photo Guy."  I'll still keep you up to date with my crazy photo antics here on the blog, so don't stop reading!

Let me know what you think!  Many thanks again to Greg who did all the hard work.  All I did was take a few photos.  If you need a website, let me know and I'll get you in contact with Webnormous.

Help Portrait - December 12th

I'm on my way to Amelia Island right now with Keri and her dad.  Kind of neato that I can do a blog post in the car (I know I'm so out of touch thinking this is a new concept). I wanted to post about my recent news that I've signed up for Help-Portrait Families First in Midtown Atlanta.  Help-Portrait is a way for photographers to give back to their communities.  On December 12th a number of photogs all over the world will be participating in finding families in need, taking their photos, printing them for free, then delivering them.  I think it'll be a really fun way to brighten these families' lives around the holidays.

Check out the video below.   You can see more info at and it's not too late to sign up to help!  I think Atlanta alone is host to 5 Help-Portrait locations.

Also, if you have any interest in sponsoring a family for $10 (to cover the cost of prints), here is the link.