Winter Post, Summer Wedding- Adam & Rebecca

Here is the other wedding from last summer that I completely slacked on putting on the blog.  Adam and Rebecca had a beautiful wedding in Marietta with their reception at the Roswell Mill (one of my favorite venues!).  The happened to be on the hottest weekend of the year, but fortunately they planned their wedding indoors.  It was quite a challenge getting any photos outside due to the 100 degree+ heat (as you'll see in one of the photos below).  I made sure to only run outside for a few shots at a time as there is nothing worse than a hot and sweaty wedding party.  A hot and sweaty wedding photographer is a different story... I wore all linen to try and beat the heat but by the time I got to the reception even my pant legs were soaked.  A/C was my good friend that night.  :)

Four Families in Four Hours: The Sullivans

Family number two of our Super Sunday Photo Block (sounds like a radio show, right?) was the Sullivans.  We've seen them on the APG blog before but the occasion today was Elena's two-year photos.  She is such a cutie and was definitely taught the word "cheeeeeese" as can be seen in this first photo.  She was saying it even before I started snapping photos, so you could tell Mommy and Daddy prepped her well.



Throwing stones with Mommy.






Kirwan Wedding Teaser | roswell wedding photographer

Saturday, Keri and I attended Ross and Courtney's wedding- Keri as guest and encourager, and me as photographer. It's so easy to shoot weddings when there's good weather, a pretty church, and good lookin' people.  I'll have more pictures soon, but for now here's a shot from Kimball Hall's courtyard.   This so far is my favorite pic from the night.  Thanks to Ross and Courtney for being so good at holding still for a slow shutter speed.

Bethany Bridals | roswell wedding photographer

Bethany Reynolds had her wedding in Boone, NC a few weeks ago.  It's tough to beat a small church wedding in a small town in the mountains.  The only problem with a small church wedding is when you have as many friends and family as Bethany and Chris had, you have standing room only!  More on that in a few days. Here are her bridal portraits from a few months ago.  I wasn't supposed to post them until after the wedding in fear that her hubby-to-be would come across them.  We shot these at Barrington Hall in Roswell.  Though I didn't get any pictures of it, there was a play going on at the other side of the house.  So as we were taking photos of Bethany in her bridal gown, there were princes, gypises, and wizards running backstage around us.  It was funny because someone would walk by in costume and tell Bethany she looked great, and Bethany's response would be the same.






 And now for some ridiculous HDR....