The Big Apple, with friends

Howdy!   Last month a few of us went to NYC.   Keri and Greta had never been before and it was my third time.   Over the five days we were able to see most everything we wanted to... in fact, Keri and I got to see David Letterman tell the world his extortion/blackmail story.   No joke!  We were in the 2nd row for that taping!  It was very interesting (kind of surreal)... and a bit awkward because no one saw it coming.   We were told by the CBS pages to laugh at everything, but toward the end we just couldn't. Aside from the TMZ moment we had, I was able to snap a few pictures.  Even though the weather was cloudy everyday (except the day we left, of course), I think I had a few good shots.

Not my best photo work, but I wanted to share where Keri and Greta had to go in Chinatown to get the "real fake" purses.  False doors with heavy locks, back rooms, etc..... very sketchy.

Views from the Empire State Building:

Even when Keri gives me the "stop taking frigging pictures" smile, it still produces awesome results.  :)

The best art I saw at the Guggenheim:

Dog in sweater:

Ellis Island:

Grand Central:

The gang when they were just about over me taking photos: