With beautiful subjects, you really only need a few minutes.

Of course my typical portrait session is 1 to 2 hours and I enjoy every moment of photo taking.   However, this one was cut to just 15 minutes due to technical difficulties... as in my camera died 15 minutes into the shoot.  "ERROR99" is never a message you want to see on your pride and joy (I have no kids, so my camera holds the title of "pride and joy."  However if any of my kids ever get a tattoo that says "ERROR99" I'll have bigger problems). This is why I endorse (but get no endorsement commissions) SquareTrade.  They offer warranties for all types of electronics, including many used ones at 25% of the price other retailers offer.  I never thought I'd have to use a warranty, but now I'm really glad I got it.  SquareTrade says they'll have it for me in 5 business day.

But like I said, with beautiful subjects, you really only need a few minutes.  Here is the Giles Family.  Stephen, Kathy, Norah, and Caroline.  Enjoy!