Hali & Brian

I spend a good amount of time photographing families, brides, and kids.  I have to say this is my first "teen dating anniversary shoot."   Hali and Brian have now been dating for about a year, and to celebrate, we walked along some sketchy railroad tracks while we could hear a train off in the distance.  Isn't that how most people celebrate anniversaries?!   It was a fun day turning overcast skies into great pictures.  Hali is one of Keri's 5 nieces that help keep Keri young by explaining what #hashtags are and what "YOLO" means (we told her it really means You Only Love Oreos).  We had a ton of fun and I wish these two the best!  :)














Lou and Erin Davis Wedding Preview!

He's a quick shot we pulled off just before the toasts at the wedding reception this Saturday at Wahoo Grill in Decatur, GA.  I had just a couple of moments to steal the bride and groom away for this shot that I'd had in mind all day.  I'm just glad the cars moved out of the way and the sun went down (well, that's kind of an expected outcome).  Congrats to the newly married couple!  They are off to Greece in a few days for their much anticipated honeymoon, but not before I give them an in-person photo lesson on how to take great vacation photos.  Maybe I'll start offering lessons to all my brides and grooms- what do you think??  :)


Venice, Italy | Part 1

As I have alluded to in the past, it always takes me a while to edit my personal photos.  When I go on vacation and take pictures, it always seems that when I get back, paid gigs seem to come my way and take precedent to whatever personal work I want to take care of.  As far as mine and Keri's Italy trip goes, I had weddings, portrait sessions, and the fact that I took 2,600 photos working against me. I'm trying to chip away at it city by city from the trip.  You can see Day 1 in Suttgart, Germany here.  I've finally gotten through days 2 & 3 in Venice and soon to come will be days 4 & 5 in Cinque Terre.  Feel free to give me honest feedback as I'm normally more of a portrait photographer than I am of landscapes.  If you have an interest in any prints in particular, email me!

The Rialto Bridge

We went to the island of Murano and watched this guy turn the glowing blob of glass below... this in about 5 minutes.

Europe Teaser!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.  Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for Mr. Blog), I was in Europe for a few weeks.  Keri and I had an amazing time on our first trip ever across the Atlantic.  We arrived back home last Wednesday very late and have been catching up on sleep since.  Sadly, I just uploaded all 2459 photos on my PC just last night, so I haven't even had time to go through them, let alone edit any. But, as a fun teaser I figured I'd put up a couple of quick shots from our first day.  Unexpectedly, we ended up in Germany on day 1 instead of our intended destination of Italy.  Buddy passes save a lot of money (seriously, thank you Sarah!), but are the Delta Airlines equivalent of General Motors doling out unicycles to it's employees as a means of vacation travel.  In the end, Germany was one of our favorite places on the trip thanks to one of my mom's college friends, her husband, and an all day wine festival.

I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow, so expect further delay on the Europe photos, but for now here are a couple from Stuttgart, Germany:

Natalie Perry and Keri Mercer (the younger one)

The weather last weekend was amazing here in Atlanta.  Though fall is my official favorite season, Spring is a close second...

And starting off this spring was Natalie Perry's baptism on Sunday.  You may remember this beautiful baby from this post last fall.  These photos were taken from the second row at the Clairmont Presbyterian Church as we were considered "VIPs" for the occasion.  Though we didn't get backstage passes, Natalie was definitely a rock star (if you can say that about someone in church). 



Apparently Natalie loves bath time and was intruigued by the holy water. 







Later in the day Keri and I went to her niece's birthday party.   I think it would be an awesome goal in life to have someone name their baby after me- and my girlfriend already has that.  Keri's niece is Keri ("baby Keri" as she is referred to, though I can't imagine she'll like that nickname in her teenage years).  She turned 6 on Sunday and had a massive cake that looked like it was straight out of Fern Gully:


mmmmm cupcakes....




Sidewalk chalk is always a messy, dirty, pant ruining  fun bday present.



The birthday girl: