Europe Teaser!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.  Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for Mr. Blog), I was in Europe for a few weeks.  Keri and I had an amazing time on our first trip ever across the Atlantic.  We arrived back home last Wednesday very late and have been catching up on sleep since.  Sadly, I just uploaded all 2459 photos on my PC just last night, so I haven't even had time to go through them, let alone edit any. But, as a fun teaser I figured I'd put up a couple of quick shots from our first day.  Unexpectedly, we ended up in Germany on day 1 instead of our intended destination of Italy.  Buddy passes save a lot of money (seriously, thank you Sarah!), but are the Delta Airlines equivalent of General Motors doling out unicycles to it's employees as a means of vacation travel.  In the end, Germany was one of our favorite places on the trip thanks to one of my mom's college friends, her husband, and an all day wine festival.

I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow, so expect further delay on the Europe photos, but for now here are a couple from Stuttgart, Germany: