'Lil Mac 6 Months

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to take 6 month photos of Mac Brown.  Aside from his pretty awesome name (I always think of Mike Tyson's Punch Out when I hear "'lil Mac"), he also happens to be a pretty darn cute baby.  I'd say he did a great job being a model while on a cold floor in front of a big flashing light.  Maybe next time I'll bring an electric blanket to put underneath the white seamless paper.  Photographing babies is always a learning process for me.  :)

And for those interested in the white backdrop setup, here it is- though you can't see the big studio light & softbox off the camera left.  Sorry Kacie for including you- I just had to show that "about to freak out" face of Mac's.  :)



Majestic Equine Shoot with Leigh and Fox

For those that know me, you know I am NOT a morning person.  I have seen the sunrise more times by staying up late than getting up early.  With that said, you simply cannot beat sunrise light quality when it comes to photography- especially in the summertime when the heat is unbearable during the day making sunset still too hot to shoot.  For this shoot with Leigh and her horse, Fox, we met up just before sunrise at the Atlanta Polo grounds in Buckhead.  Leigh has had Fox for the past 8 years and won many events in Hunting and Jumping competitions across the state.  At one point she was ranked 2nd in Georgia in her age group!  Now, as Leigh is about to head out to California for college, her family has decided to sell Fox to new owners that will continue to ride him.  Her parents asked that I get some photos of the two of them before the sale and I was happy to oblige.  These photos have turned out to be some of the best ones I've taken all year.  A few of them could only be more majestic if Fox were a unicorn.  :)






Hoochie (not Coochie)

A few weeks ago I was asked to help my friend Erin at The Nature Conservancy's yearly donor event, "The Hoochie" (formerly "Hoochie on the Coochie").  They originally wanted to hire me, but I chose instead to volunteer my photography services for the event since it's such a wonderful organization- even if they scrutinize photography agreements more than any bride I've met with.  ;)    You can read more here about what TNC does. This year's event was hosted at the Top Hat Soccer fields in Buckhead.  I'm not sure what I originally expected, but I definitely didn't think anyone would put a soccer field in the heart of Buckhead's elite neighborhoods including the famous Tuxedo Road.  It really was beautiful driving through these neighborhoods before the event. 

The "pre-party" was hosted at the home of Martin and Jennifer Flanagan overlooking the fields.  I can't really describe how amazing this house was, so I'll let the first pictures speak for themselves.  The rest are from the event.  Enjoy!

The Georgia director of the TNC, Shelly Lakly, with Wendy and Hank Paulson (left to right).


Inman Allen, son of Atlanta's Ivan Allen Jr.



Fresh shucked oysters all night long.


Erin at the "Birds of Prey" show just before dinner.  I'm pretty sure she had no idea they'd have a python there...


The auction tent.