Schnorf Wedding Photos

This post is long overdue.  I've been so busy preparing for my Italy trip (leaving today!) that I've let my blog fans world down... I'm sorry to disappoint all three of you. The Schnorf wedding was so much fun.  As you can see from a previous post, Keri and I got to try out the new photo booth idea with a fun group of drunks people.  Though photo booth aside, we still managed to get some great photos!  I've always wanted to shoot a bride with that modern 1920's look (short hair, fish net veil).  You'll see how awesome she looks in her dress and veil a few pix down.  The wedding was at Saint Mark's United Methodist Church- a beautiful venue.

See what I mean???  Doesn't she look great?  So classy.

Very colorful wedding.  She said the Beatles were her inspiration.

They had childhood games on all the tables.  Hungry Hungry Hippos was my fav.

Though not Lewish.... they insisted on the chair lift.  Mazeltov!

And my favorite still from the photo booth.  Keri and I are (hopefully) off to Italy right now!  Hope to come back with plenty of pix!