Zoo Atlanta

Keri has been working her butt off lately, so a couple of weeks ago we both decided to take a day off and do Atlanta-y things.  The weather was perfect, so we rode bikes around Decatur, took a stroll through Oakland Cemetery (much more interesting and educational than it sounds), and ate at Sun in my Belly, Six Feet Under, and Caroll Street Cafe.  We also figured we'd go somewhere that we haven't been since elementary school- the Zoo. All in all a fun filled day that included french toast, graves, and pandas... very few days incorporate all of these things.

Keri and I experienced a very Hitchcock moment at the bird exhibit.  If you've ever been, you know all the bright colorful birds in the first few photos below are in a big netted and gated area that you can walk through.  We were with a bunch of other people for the first few minutes watching the birds and hearing all the cacophonous chirping.  However, as soon as the other people left Keri and I alone in there, all of the chirping stopped for about 10 seconds.... we thought were were about to be attacked.  Luckily the chirping started again as the birds knew they wouldn't get away with it.  :)


And of course, the baby panda.