Furtah / Lindbloom Wedding

Sometimes I wonder if I pack my schedule too much. Three weeks ago I was in Denver for a business trip on a Monday. I flew from there to Seattle on Tuesday. I had meetings and building tours and flew back to Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. I landed in Atlanta with just enough time to get home and shower before I drove to Annes Furtah's rehearsal dinner for photos in Marietta. I woke up the next day, went to my day job, then left to go shoot the wedding. I had a ton of fun with Anne and Mike, took a bunch of photos, and as usual was tired as hell afterward!  Then woke up the next morning to drive to Birmingham with my band to play a show where we didn't go on stage until 11:30pm. I really can't complain because I love all of it, but let's just say I slept very well that Sunday night.

Now, enough about my life- let's talk about the photos! Alexis at the Whitlock Inn does a great job with the venue and arrangements and helped make Anne and Mike's wedding a great success. Not only did I get to have fun at the wedding with everyone, but I was also lucky enough to be part of Anne and Mike's rehearsal dinner, which gave me a chance to meet the families and friends in a much more relaxed setting than the craziness of a wedding. I'll let the photos tell the story for you. Be sure to click the "continue reading" link below the first photo for more!

The flower girls referred to me as "the Paparazzi."

The reveal.  Always a fun moment for those not afraid to break tradition.

The ring bearer (a.k.a. James Bond)