You Can't Make This Stuff Up | Atlanta Braves Baseball

When my dad offered tickets to Keri and I for the Braves game last night, I was elated.  Not only have I not been to a game this year, but it was Chipper Jones bobble head giveaway night.  Keri and I rushed to the stadium as quickly as we could after work to find the Blue parking lot full of cars and my worries of missing out on the bobble heads increasing.  We rushed to the gate to find plenty to spare (at 6:15, at least).  We got our two and hopped down to our seats.  I thought the bobble heads were a great way to commemorate Chipper's final season with the Braves, though I was a little surprised that it wasn't a typical bobble head pose.  Not that I'm an expert on sports sculptures, but I was surpised that it wasn't of him hitting or fielding.  Instead it is him standing in his helmet with the sign for "I love you."  No big deal, just odd I thought.  Then as the (incredible) game progressed, I of course capured many moments of the night with my camera.  Two of which (shown further below) were Chipper's TWO home runs.  One of which was his 2,700th career hit.  However, my favorite photo was just after Justin Heyward struck his 5th inning home run.  As Heyward crossed the plate, I snapped the photo of Chipper... and the bobble head statue made MUCH more sense.

Here is his 2nd homer of the night and his 2,700th career hit.

And Heyward's 4th inning BOMB.

Another amazing part of the night was Medlen's complete game shut out!

We ended up also randomly running into one of my favorite bride and groom!  Carly and Russell. (see more photos of them HERE and HERE!)

I'll leave you with this lovely singing gem. :)