Kate & Hudson

I'm back from Guatemala and catching up on the blog!  I hope all of my avid readers (Mom) have had a great couple of weeks!  Last week my brother's family was in town and though only for a day, I was able to see them right after my trip.  It was great to spend time with my newly walking niece, Kate- even if just for a little while.  Keri and I head up to Maine at the end of the month for some more quality time with the northern Arnett family.  Though most of the pics in this post feature Kate, I wanted to start off with the newest addition to the family- Hudson Bassett!  He's only a few weeks old at the moment, but growing fast!  Last Monday I went to Hudson's house and snapped this photo.  My sister put together this amazing letter wall in his bedroom and I just HAD to showcase her creativity and talent.  She would also want me to tell you she freehand painted the UGA "G" as well as many of the other letters. :)

This is what Kate does when you ask her to love on Hudson.