Richmond Boys

Here are a few shots of the Richmond boys when Keri and I had the pleasure of spending time with them up in Commerce, GA.   Jackson is the oldest, follwed by Tate and then Garrett. 

This was just a "hey- do you mind if I take a few pictures?" type of shoot.  Nothing formal or fancy- I just happened to have my camera with me.  It also reminded me of how much fun shooting in available light with a $90 lens- the 50mm f./1.8.   If you are a new photographer- buy this lens.  Nikon and Canon both have them and they're dirt cheap.  It's a great backup lens, lightweight, takes awesome shots, and can open up a whole new world of available light photography.  In most situations there will basically be no need to use your flash.  Just open up the f stop to 1.8 and blast away getting that cool "background out of focus" look. 

One day I'll have booked enough gigs to afford the f/1.2 version.  Apparently, if you own that lens, the pictures basically take themselves.   Soon enough....