Pete & Chloe (and a little of Charlene)

Not surprisingly this is way overdue.   I had such grand plans of updating my blog with all of my 2009-thus-far photos in one week, but with my laziness I've treated each entry as if I just shot them.  After this post, I think I just have one more "post-post" blog entry, then I can move on to shooting more and trying to keep up. Here are Pete and Chloe.   Beautiful children of my friend Charlene.   We did this shoot just outside of downtown Norcross, GA in the midday sun.  My biggest rookie mistake- don't shoot in direct harsh sunlight unless you have to!  I did my best to counterbalance the shots in the sun with fill flash, but all in all I should have taken a lot more pix in the shade as they were the ones that came out best.  This was one of those shoots that when I left, I thought "holy crap, I made a bunch of rookie mistakes and may have a very unhappy client."   But as it turned out, she's ordered more prints than any of my wedding clients.  :)


Pete, Charlene, Chloe:






As tough as it is having your picture taken anytime in your teen years, Charlene told me Pete even thought he looked like Tom Brady in this pic.  I have to agree with him!


Chloe was quite the ham...