My First Two Days + Will 4 Prez

I am on my way!  Last week marked my first step in going full time photography.  I was able to work out a deal with my full time employer to have two days off a week with the intentions of cutting back further (or completely) in the next month or two.  It's a scary and exciting feeling at the same time.  I know I want to do photography, but it's REALLY tough to give up a steady paycheck working with great people.  Right now I feel kinda like I'm ending a serious relationship for a new love, but still calling the old flame... on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I have been basically working two full time jobs for the past couple of years between real estate and photography.  I'd love to say my first two workdays dedicated solely to photography were very proactive, but in reality they were spent catching up on a backlog of items.  My to do list for getting the business in order is still a mile long and I've barely made a dent in it.  Over last Wednesday and Friday I was able to catch up on some editing of an impromtu executive shoot, get my new laptop, and clean the home office to about 40% organized.  The highlight of my Friday was meeting with a bride-to-be and mother for a wedding I'll be shooting in Athens in a few weeks.  Keep a watch out on here for the Barnhart wedding, because Megan is going to be a stunning bride.  On the docket for this week:  meet with my CPA about taxes, change over my personal and business insurance, and blog about my headshot sessions.

Now, because this is a photo blog- where would it be without photos?  I didn't happen to take a single photo of my (still) messy office and my PJs, so I thought I'd include a photo session based around politics given tomorrow is Super Tuesday.  My cousin, Will, attends Southern Wesleyn College in South Carolina.  Growing up he was a quiet, bashful kid that, like me, grew up being more musically inclined than his sports-oriented younger brother.  Since graduating high school and moving off to college, he has come exploding out of his shell.  He actually was one of the highlights of our wedding with his shaggy Mick Jagger haircut and non-stop moves on the dance floor.  He had everyone asking "who is that crazy guy on the dance floor?" and at one point challenged one of Keri's bridesmaids (a professional dancer) to a dance-off... and won!

He let me know a few weeks ago that he is running for Student Government President and needed some pictures of his cabinet.  They drove down to Atlanta donning suits to show they mean business. Will even cut his hair (somewhat) shorter. I was happy to help out because it gave me the opportunity to get out on the windiest day of the year in downtown Atlanta and shoot... seriously- it was comically windy.  Like lean 45 degrees into it windy. I'm glad I packed light, because there's no way I could have used any strobes or umbrellas for this shoot because they'd be in Montana by now rolling with the tumbleweeds. Everyone seemed to have a good time despite the weather and I hope that the marketing materials for their campaign pay off!







(Can you tell I was thinking The Colbert Report for this one?)