Boyce/McCollister Wedding: Part 1

In January, I started wedding photography season a bit early with Alex Boyce and Ryan McCollister's nuptuals in Woodstock, GA.  I've known Alex for years as she played softball in middle and high school with my sister.  She is one of the sunniest people I have ever known and it's no wonder that she has found a career working for The Make a Wish Foundation helping children with terminal illnesses live out lifelong dreams.  We were all very excited when we learned that she had found a new boyfriend in town and lo and behold, she was engaged within a few months!  Of course, everyone thought it was so soon, but whenever I spoke to her I knew it was for real- and so did they.  The ceremony at the Woodstock Baptist Church was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun- especially with her group of bridesmaids.  They were all a hoot on the dance floor!  (Yes, I said "hoot")