Contest Winner! Guess the Lucky Girl!

We have had a great response from the people guessing about who caught the bouquet at last weekend's wedding.  Some of you may be surprised at the results.  Here's a reminder of the scene:  


And here are the results, shot by shot!




There was a bit of a twist in that I think the bouquet clipped a chandelier.  No matter, because you can still see the girls diving for it!  The victor was the Sister of the Bride (Girl #5)!  Congrats to Sarah Barnhart for catching the ever elusive bouquet and congrats to Molly Perry for being the winner of the drawing out of all the correct guesses!  Thanks to everyone for playing.  I hope to have more fun contests on the blog!  If you haven't done so already, please stop by the Facebook page to like Alex the Photo Guy so you can keep up to date on contests in your news feed!