Contest! Guess the lucky girl!

I've never had a contest on the blog before and I've always thought this would be a fun one to do.  Of all the photos I take at weddings, one my of my favorites is always the half second before the bridal bouquet is caught.  Seeing the facial expressions of all the girls on the dance floor ready to dive at those tossed flowers always makes me smile.  I would say the same about the garter toss, but we all know most of those end up with a guy saying "um, here- you take it!"   The following photo is from the Barnhart/Lord wedding I shot last weekend in Athens.  You have to guess which girl caught the bouquet based on the following choices:

#1:  Girl in orange looking suspiciously calm #2:  Bridesmaid with tasty beverage in hand looking for the left hand snag #3:  Lavender dress girl potentially screaming in flower girl's ear #4:  Flower girl (always a sleeper in these contests) #5:  Sister of the bride readying herself to dive based on the left hand skirt pull #6:  Little girl in blue with two hand grab possibility #7:  Other little girl that looks like she may have a good vertical #8:  Blue dress girl with the two handed long reach

The rules are simple.  Everyone make a guess in the comments below or on the Alex the Photo Guy Facebook page (I'll count both locations, but only one vote).  For those that get it right, I will draw a name and email you a $5 Starbucks Giftcard!  Yes- a real prize that will at least buy you a cup of coffee!  Contest ends Friday.  Good luck!