War Eagles Football!

Saturday, my friend used his connections  to hook me up with a press pass to get on the field for the War Eagles game.   I squeezed through plenty of AP and Reuters photographers lining the sidelines as the game was simulcast on ESPN and CSS Sports.  The stadium pressbox at the half was one of my better experiences while sending some initial JPEGs to the AJC from my new Macbook Pro.  The finger sandwiches were okay, but the wings were awesome- sweet and spicy of some delicious variety.   The second half was a real nail biter between these bitter rivals as I think I even heard a few new curse words to my experienced photojournalist ears.   I am happy to report that I safely dove out of the way of two particularly nasty looking tackles that would have broken no less than 4 of my bones.  Unfortunately the War Eagles weren't able to successfully combat the Raiders' offensive prowess, but I was happy to hear from Sports Illustrated after the game that they need a couple of spreads for next week's issue.  Apparently that Sean Mitchell is an up-and-coming phenom free safety, which you don't hear very often.  I'm definitely looking to get a couple of prints signed next time I'm on the field.

Pictures rarely do live sports justice, but I will say these guys look bigger in person.  :)