This baby is not crying, she's singing Journey's Greatest Hits.

"Just a small town girl... livin' in a lonely world," she started off.  From those few epic lyrics, I knew Kate Tucker was destined to be rock's one great hope.   She will [eventually] be what the world of rock music needs to save itself from the pop divas (yes Adam Levine, I'm talking about you) currently ruling the airwaves.  With rock radio stations dying at an alarming rate and rock record sales in sharp decline, Kate Tucker will save it all.  Though she barely has enough hair to tease and hairspray, she has some very healthy vocal cords and a desire to ROCK (note below, her hands are both making the Sign of the Horns).  It's just too bad she's still roughly 17.9 years away from being able to go on tour without her parents... just don't stop believin'.


... and now for the rest of Kate Tucker's Christmas/newborn family photos.  :)