The Growing Romeyn Family

For the avid blog readers of mine, you know the Romeyns.  We have been able to follow Braxton from birth to now and all of the progress along the way.  He is one of Keri's favorite children to babysit and now Krister and Lexi are proud to announce the arrival of their second child, Brady.  Keri and I spend some time over there a couple of weeks to meet the sweet Brady and play around with Braxton.  I was very excited to be asked to capture the latest addition to the family as well as Braxton's latest adventures.  Speaking of his latest- I'll begin with my favorite photo of the day.  He has apparently taken an interest in the potty.  No actual "productivity" yet, just sitting... and reading.

And now on to the latest cuteness.

Another of Braxton's favorite things is pushing around the wagon.  We took a risk here.  I just wish I had a video of everyone chasing him around.  The good thing is that is seemed to lull Brady to sleep.