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Ross and Courtney | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Ross and Courtney were married on September 25th at the Swilley Chapel in the Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church in Buckhead.  As Keri and I start our own plans for our wedding, I love picking up on tips from brides.  For example, chapel prices can be almost half of sanctuary prices... I had no idea.  As you can see below, chapel weddings are just beautiful! Ross works with me at my "day job," so I was honored when he asked me to shoot his wedding.  Keri and I were going to be there anyway, so I was excited at the opportunity to be the photog for the day.  They couldn't have asked for better weather!  It was such a great fall day, albeit a little warm.  Deep blue skies with a few cotton-fluffy clouds scattered about.  The reception was at Kimball Hall in Roswell on "wedding row" as I've come to call Mimosa Blvd.  The Kimball Hall staff did a great job with the indoor and outdoor decorations as well as the food.

I'll let the pictures below do the rest of the talking.

This was the sweetest part of the wedding: the silent time for the couple to pray.

...then Ross gave Courtney a little kiss, and she said "wait! not yet!" as they walked back to the altar. Hence the light-hearted laughter.