Rob and Lacey Wedding | Nashville Wedding Photographer

Rob Devlin is an old friend of mine.  We go back to freshman high school Spanish class.  From there we connected through music when we found we both played complimenting rhythm instruments- he on drums, me on bass.  Another friend of his played guitar (Greg), so naturally we started a band.  And we didn't start just a band, we started a terrible band.  We were a 90's rock cover band without a singer - and it's exactly what we wanted.  We could rock out as loud as we wanted, get lost in the music, and not feel guilty if we weren't getting better because we [almost] never played anywhere.  When we did play for an audience, it was all sans vocals unless someone in the crowd wanted to jump on stage with us and risk their ears and the respect of their friends.  Rob always worked multiple jobs and provided everything we needed for the band- even things we didn't need:  laser lights, fog machines, too many speakers, business cards, a website, the list goes on. Even when Greg and I went away to college, Rob was still committed to the band, no matter what the cost.  For Christmas that same year, he found us 4-track recorders as presents so that we could still record music long-distance.  We'd each pick a track and mail tapes to each other to fill in our parts.  It was as brilliant as it was generous.  Rob has always been a great friend. 

When I met Lacey, I knew she was the best thing to happen to Rob since the band (half joking).  In fact, I now know that Rob breaking his ankle in college was a dark cloud with the brightest silver lining he could have ever hoped for.  Thanksgiving break 2004, I was living in Nashville 30 minutes from Rob at MTSU in Murfreesboro.  He told me he'd broken his ankle at the TV studio on campus where he worked.  He asked if I could give him a ride home and back for the holiday break.  I was happy to do it and enjoy some company for the ride home to Atlanta.  The ride home and back went well, but what I distinctly remember was Rob telling me as I dropped him off that Sunday back in Nashville that a girl from the station was coming over that night.  She was bringing him Thanksgiving leftovers from her family's Thanksgiving dinner.  Not only did I know this girl had an interest in Rob, but I knew she was the girl Rob would marry (if he knew what was good for him!).

Rob and Lacey were married in Nashville on Vanderbilt's campus at the the Scarritt-Bennett Chapel on October 10th.  The ceremony was as beautiful as the life they have ahead of them.  Cheesy, I know- but I truly am happy for them both.  :)

When you own the lighting set-up, the possibilities are endless...