Masters 2009

Yes, sadly it says "2009" above.  I made the dumb mistake of passing up 2010 Masters practice round tickets because I couldn't find anyone to drive out there with.  In retrospect, I should have made the drive by myself and met up with my parents who were livin' it up in the IBM cottage with free food and drinks...  I know.  Dumb. However, I do have some photos to show you.  Because I didn't have the blog up and running this time last year, I figure I can share some of the photos I took from the 2009 Masters' practice round.  As you may know, the practice rounds are the only days where they let anyone in with a camera (but still no cell phones).  There's no real competition that happens other than a few side bets I'm sure, but all the players have a good time hanging out with each other and generally interact more with the crowd.

I guess the Masters crew is also a little more relaxed during the practice rounds as well... and as always- click on the pictures to expand them.





As part of the "crowd interaction" players often attempy to skip the ball across the water on #16.



"Do we really need to keep score during practice rounds?" 




I couldn't tell if the make on this lawnmower said Gillette or Norelco: