Super Moon and Burgers!


This week and next week I'll have lots of photos for the blog!  I've been busy getting my backlog of shots from the past month edited and uploaded to the client site.  We have an engagement session, a wedding, portraits, and another fun surprise I'm sure you'll get a kick out of.

Saturday night I made the long trek up to Marietta (30 min) to stay the night with my good friend Curt.  We had plans to go mountain biking up there in the morning and I had no real plans that evening, so we decided to grill out and enjoy the amazing weather.  As it just so happens, all of the food we prepared was homemade:  homemade burgers, homemade buns, homemade fries, and homebrew.




After dinner, we packed our photo gear to check out the Super Moon.  It pretty much looked like a normal full moon, but it was bright enough out to throw a football.  After a few close-up shots of the moon (they're actually on Curt's camera, so I don't have them for ya!), Curt discovered how easy light-painting can be with a cell phone.  Well... easy in that you can physically do it.  Making shapes and writing mirror-image messages proved a little tricky.  Here's what we came up with at a 30 second exposure setting on a tripod.  None are perfect, but we had a good time!





The last one here is a composite of 4 pictures of our outlines.  Curt's idea.  The ones on one leg were tough to hold for 30 seconds...