Seattle - Camping on the Coast

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head to Seattle and Portland for work.  Since it was essentially a free flight for me, I decided to take advantage and bring Curt along for the ride.  Neither of us have really spent any time up there, but we heard the hiking and camping was awesome.  Absolutely the truth. This first post is photos are from camping on the west coast at Rialto beach (near the town of Forks, WA where they filmed Twilight).  We drove from Seattle to the coast and it was sunny and 75 degrees the entire time.... until the last quarter mile.  The scenery literally changes in a second to fog, mist, and 65 degrees.  The beach was like no other place I've been.  It felt like we were hiking the Scottish coast.  Fog, rocks, driftwood, rock formations... it was pretty amazing.  Very different than Florida's white sands and abundant amounts of retirees.  We camped just off the beach that night, built a fire, cooked some hot dogs, then hiked back the next morning.

My goal was to get these photos up before I left for Chicago tomorrow.  I got through editing about 60% of them and realized it was midnight.  Luckily, the ones I hadn't edited were the Mt Rainier daytime shots (to be in the next post), so they really didn't need any editing.  They were great straight out of the camera- even shooting RAW!

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Crescent Lake

My favorite photo of the trip


Hole in the Wall

Curt hiking the rugged terrain

Id never been on a ferry, until I met her.