Help Portrait - December 12th

I'm on my way to Amelia Island right now with Keri and her dad.  Kind of neato that I can do a blog post in the car (I know I'm so out of touch thinking this is a new concept). I wanted to post about my recent news that I've signed up for Help-Portrait Families First in Midtown Atlanta.  Help-Portrait is a way for photographers to give back to their communities.  On December 12th a number of photogs all over the world will be participating in finding families in need, taking their photos, printing them for free, then delivering them.  I think it'll be a really fun way to brighten these families' lives around the holidays.

Check out the video below.   You can see more info at and it's not too late to sign up to help!  I think Atlanta alone is host to 5 Help-Portrait locations.

Also, if you have any interest in sponsoring a family for $10 (to cover the cost of prints), here is the link.