Four Families in Four Hours- Addie and Krista Bleisath

Family photos are a fun reason to get outside and take pictures.  When the weather's nice, you can't beat fun family time at a beautiful location.   This is why I decided to schedule four families in a day at the Roswell Mill Park in Roswell, GA.  It worked out great for everyone.  The families ended up with pretty photos and a fun afternoon while I was happy to save a little gas money on an all-in-one photo day. First up is Addie (and Krista) Bleisath.  I put Krista in parenthesis because this was supposed to be something of a model shoot for the gorgeous young Addie.  Apparently Addie has no problem hamming it up and striking a pose at home with Mommy and Daddy, but becomes very shy when around outsiders.  Needless to say, the shoot ended up with lots of Mommy photos as well.  We eventually coaxed a few smiles out of her and ended up with some great photos.  She definitely has a future career as a model as long as she can get rid of the pre-shoot jitters.   :)