Exit Through the Gift Shop

My 22-year-old cousin came into town earlier this week.  He called me on Tuesday and said he was driving into town the next day to audition for an acting agency and if he could crash at our place for a night.  I told him I wouldn't be home until 10 or so, but that he was more than welcome.  When he arrived we caught up for a few minutes and got on the topic of street art and the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.  Will told me that in his spare time away from student government, tearing up dance floors, and beginning his senior year of college, he has started getting into "street art."  On a whim (and with permission from my awesome wife), we set out around midnight on bikes to the old Atlanta Waterworks near Mason Mill Park so I could show him some of the really awesome art there.  Plus, he may or may not have brought some paint: my only rule was they he didn't cover up someone else's art.  :)

This was also a good chance for me to test out my new (used) Canon 5d Mark II and it's ISO expansion capabilities.  In retrospect, it was a terrible test idea because a lot of the shots were taken in pitch black... so the Mkii could only do so much.  Here's what I got: