Cinque Terre, Italy! Part 2 of 2

Day two in the Cinque Terre consisted of a trail hike through the five towns.  You can read about day one and the Cinque Terre here.

Unfortunately we weren't able to spend much time in the other four cities, though we got to see the sights and have a few bites of food along the way.  In Rio Maggiore (the fifth city) we even decided to take a break and cool down with a dip in the Mediterranean.  The water was so unbelievably clear I had to actually taste it to see if it really was saltwater (yes).  We could easily see 30 to 50 feet below us in the clear blue water... so clear that we got a little freaked out and only stayed in for a few minutes.  Yeah, we're wusses used to the Atlantic ocean where the water's too murky to see the imaginary sharks lurking.  I think the worst thing we really had to worry about were topless aging overweight Europeans (no pictures of those, thankfully).

I'll stop with all this "wordy stuff" and aside from an occassional caption, let the pictures from the hike do the talking.  I am working on some panoramic shots I should have up in a few weeks of the views I couldn't fit in one shot.



WC = Water Closet = Bathroom





Italian Mailbox:


Keri and my lock on the Via dell'Amore trail between Maranola and Rio Maggiore where couples "lock up their love and throw away the key."  Keri's idea...

Though apparently we picked the wrong spot.  Maybe we were blazing a new trail.