Brevard, NC with Keri and Mimi

Two weekends ago, Keri and I drove to Brevard, NC to visit my grandmother.   Brevard has recently become a vacation destination for "leaf lookers" in the fall as it is nestled in a valley in the Appalachian mountains.  In addition to getting to see Brevard and Mimi, Keri and I also had just enough time on the way home to go on a 2 hour hike in the DuPont national forest.  It's pretty amazing to be able to see 3 very impressive waterfalls in a just a couple of hours. I brought my new (used) camera along with a  plan to test it out along with my new (new) 50mm f/1.4.  Overall, very happy with the performance of the camera and lens, but still wishing I had a better eye for landascape and night photography.   I'll let you judge for yourself (all 4 readers).  I think the waterfall pix would have looked better at sunrise, but I'm too in love with sleeping to go see something at the crack of dawn that I can see at the crack of 2pm...

Also found that my fisheye lens is a real fisheye on the full frame 5d.   Here's Looking Glass falls in Brevard:

Don't know why, but I found this random streetlight and snowpile to be interesting...

One of the life-sized toy soldiers through the window at O.P. Taylor's Toystore in downtown.

Photos of Rocky's soda shop after hours.  This is one of the places Mimi would hang out after school.

The stars above Mimi's house (click on photo for larger view):

Triple Falls in the DuPont National Forest:

And of course, yet another "please don't take a photo of me" photo of Keri.  She loves these: