Braxton Romeyn at 3 months!

It's amazing the change 3 months can make on a baby.  Braxton looked very different in our last shoot in comparison to now.  Though he was expressive before, he sure makes some great faces now.  I typically prefer to shoot with available light either outdoors or near big windows, but when it's rainy and below freezing outside it can be fun to break out the speedlights and backdrop.  These were all shot in the Romeyn living room with a black cloth backdrop.  I had one Vivitar flash synced with a manual cord shooting through an umbrella as the key light and one Canon 580 EX on camera with a Ray Flash ring light attachment as the fill.  Very simple 10 minute setup and 5 minute take down.

Not sure what he is doing in this one, but it really looks like he's beating up another baby.  "Gimmie my money!"  ;)