Boston Globe - 2009's Best Of "The Big Picture"

If I didn't like my family & friends as much as I do, I would have loved to become a photojournalist right out of college working for AP/Getty/NatGeo/Reuters.   These photographers travel the world and take a whole crapload of photos.   Not just photos, but photos that are truly breathtaking- sometimes because of the photo itself, but oftentimes because of a subject that people don't see in their everyday world.  In reality, I wouldn't have been able to pull it off due to lack of skills, low pay, constant travelling to 3rd world countries, and the possibility of losing a foot (see Part 1 below). However, not all of the photos on these lists were taken by professionals.  In fact, one of the shots was taken by a girl who normally does party pix here in Atlanta (see the canoe photo in Part 3).  I know if I'm ever going to be on this list I really need to get out and shoot more.  I need to stop waiting on photo "gigs" and just look for photos.   I need to carry my camera with me more often.  I need to be ready to get my hands dirty and take pictures of anything interesting- or really anything that I can make interesting.  Maybe a good New Years resolution?  Who's with me?!


The Big Picture- Part 1

The Big Picture- Part 2

The Big Picture- Part 3


And a bonus- the best news photos of the decade.