Bobby Cox's last regular season game

Though this is definitely way late, I still figure I'd post about it.   Each year, Dad goes in on season tickets with a big group of friends.  I'll usually have a chance to make it to one or two of the games and of course I'm always asked to bring my camera and "the big lens."   These types of pictures are always a challenging balance between taking pictures and actually enjoying the game with whomever is there.  I never really get up and walk around because I don't want to be rude, but at the same time pictures are often blah sitting in the same spot. Overall I had a great time at the game and, as my brother predicted it, Dad definitely got a little teary eyed at Bobby's last goodbye.  I guess in retrospect, I should have too seeing as every Braves game I've ever attended had Bobby as coach.

Here's dad signing the thank-you card from the season ticket holders.

Apparently they haze rookies by making them wear kids backpacks for their first season.

And of course, Bobby Cox: