Bethany and Chris Wedding | boone, nc wedding photographer

Bethany and Chris were married last month in Boone, NC.  Their wedding was at a cute little church in the mountains.  However, as mentioned in a prior post, they have a ton of friends and family!  Because of this, the church got pretty hot during the ceremony... so hot that not only one, but TWO people in the wedding party passed out during it.   The first one surprised the audience, but after the second people understood why.  Aside from that, the ceremony, receptions, and weather were great in Boone.  We had a fun time and my mom got to catch up with old friends (Bethany's mom and mine went to college together at Appalachian State). As a side note, my new(er) camera broke about 8 shots into the wedding... however, with a little bit of googling after I got home, I found out that the repair was a known issue to Canon and they repaired it for free!  In fact, they turned it around so fast that I got the "we have received your repair and will begin work on it promptly..." letter three days AFTER the camera was already back in my hands as good as new!  Props to Canon!

The bride's mom: