Barnhart/Lord Wedding

This is to build on the teaser I put up a couple of weeks ago found here from the Barnhart/Lord wedding in Athens, GA.  The ceremony was great and the reception was jam-packed full of  fun, food, and dancing.  As much as I love DJs and recorded dance music, it's hard to beat a good wedding band.  The the Bride and groom were happy as can be and were not fearful of bustin' a move on the dance floor!  As usual, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  Brides don't typically hire me fore my literary skills.  :)

The bride's daughter was able to watch the "first look" from a window nearby.

One of my favorite things about this church was that the kids were able to ring the bell after the ceremony.  How cool is that!?

This happened to be a photo taken by accident when my on-camera flash was switched off... and I liked it.  :)