An Auburn Wedding

Apparently going out of the country means you forget about all the work you wanted to do before you left.  My sister, who attended Auburn for undergrad, sent me a text last night that read "hey- you still haven't blogged about that Auburn wedding! I want to see the pix!" Sorry for the delay!  I had a great time in Auburn for Regan and Jeff's wedding weekend.  Everything was beautiful and was at a cute little chapel right across from Samford Hall on campus.  There were hints of rain, but never caused anyone any problems.  Regan looked beautiful in her dress and Jeff looked distinguished with his silver vest and tie.  The reception was definitely a party!  I have so many pictures of people dancing you'd think they were at a downtown NYC club and not an antebellum home in Auburn.  Afterward I went out with all the bridesmaids (and their husbands) and ended up eating pizza with a few friends from the wedding in a hotel room until 4am.   Most photographers don't get such a royal treatment...  :)



War Eagle!