Alice and Rob - Rehearsal Day

Alice was referred to me back in December by her sister Tina, whom I work with.  When I saw the couple had a website, I clicked over to it and was like "hey!  I know that guy!"  Rob and I apparently went to high school together.  I think he was president of the drama club, back when I was a freshman and thought drama club would suit me well (I was very very wrong- I can't act worth crap).  So when we all met up to show them my portfolio, he and I were able to catch up on old high school friends.  It was a nice, laid back introduction for me. This wedding was in Pensacola, FL.   I'm not gonna lie, I was stressed about this one.   It was a beach wedding.  Normally, I would think a beach setting for photography would be like shooting fish in a barrell.  However, I was a little more stressed about the timing of the ceremony.  The couple planned the ceremony just before sunset.  They knew the sun went down at 7:27pm.  First I heard the ceremony would be at 5, then 6, then when I got there it was 6:30.  My photography friends knew just one hour to squeeze in the ceremony and formals afterward would be way tight.  However, the ceremony was short and sweet, the subjects knew to hang around, and I had Keri at my side helping to bark out orders and poses.   Fortunately, we got all the shots we needed even though a few clouds rolled in toward sunset.

Aside from being a little stressed the day of, I loved the location shoot.  Keri and I got to hit the beach the day of the rehearsal and she got more sun on the wedding day while I took the "getting ready" pictures of the girls.  It was a fun vacation for Keri and I that paid for itself.   Now I just need to find someone getting married in Italy that wants to take me and my assistant along...  suggestions welcome!

Rehearsal Day:

Of course, the best use of a flower girl basket... sand.  Also- check out the depth of field on my new Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L !

Everyone in the wedding party wrote their own wedding tips to read to the bride and groom.  Of course the vulgar ones were the most fun to hear in front of the parents.   :)

Unintentional twins: